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If a Local SEO in Bronx, NY, is what you are looking for, then your search is over. At Merlino Marketing, we are experts in Web Design and Search Engines Optimization (SEO).
Having a fully functional and aesthetically balanced website is an important step in creating an impression for your business and your brand in the market place. The second most important step is for your business to have a strong online presence and visibility. Remember, having a stunning website does not equate to being visible online. All too often people have designed awesome functional and responsive websites only for the site owners to come back and request for solutions to increase traffic on their sites and conversions ratios. We, on the other hand, always take the time to emphasize to our clients that SEO is not a luxury but a necessity for your business to be visible, generate traffic, and improve conversion.That's why working with our team will help you become more visible and invariably become more profitable. Merlino Marketing holds a high standard of service and you can be sure that by working with us, you are dealing with specialists in strategy, keyword research, on-site/off-site optimization, and content marketing.


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What Our Team Assures You

1. We are a full-service SEO company in the Bronx, NY and we ensure that your SEO campaign, whether local or national, is covered to yield the best possible ranking, traffic, and conversions for your website. 2. We welcome your input and feedback and more importantly, we value high-level communication. We use these communication channels to keep you abreast with the components of day to day applications that we are employing in order to achieve your SEO objectives and goals. 3. We are big on separating the chaff from true lead sales. We identify and report solid sales leads in real time.
These allow you to evaluate your campaign with utmost accuracy and make marketing decisions based on solid and accurate data.

Why do you need an expert company SEO company like Merlino Marketing

1. We use up-to-date and proven strategies The SEO trends are changing ever so rapidly and you do not want to be the recipient of outdated and ineffective strategies. With our company, you can be sure that we are employing the latest technology and SEO best practices that are current, efficient, and effective. 2. We are smart To always stay on top of your game, you need to work with a company that outsmarts the competition in SEO strategies. This is especially essential in this cut-throat online environment. We stand above the rest and that is evident in our record of success and ingenuity in fulfilling your SEO expectations. 3. We give customized solutions Merlino Marketing understands that each business is unique - their needs, strengths, and challenges are also different. Thus, we don't give a size-fit-all SEO marketing solution. Instead, we take time to know you and your business so we can identify the key problems before creating customized solutions.
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Why is this important? Consider the following:

For most site owners, current information on trends is vital. For every local, national or global campaign, a responsive website is now essential. A responsive website is simply a site that is mobile or tablet-friendly.
  • Mobile users now exceed desktop internet users
  • 50% of local searches have local intent as per Google
  • Google has significantly updated its search algorithms to reward more mobile-friendly web pages
Our knowledgeable team not only comprises of experts on SEO but also on responsive (mobile-friendly) web design. Using the expertise of these professionals, we can increase your conversions, improve your online presence, and increase your sales. For all SEO and web design needs of your company, call Merlino Marketing for a consultation and free quote. Allow us to change the future of your business for you!

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