It has become common knowledge to most business owners who already have websites that even the most stunning website does not equate to visibility online.

Most business site owners, through stiff online competition, have been forced to give Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a much needed second thought although it should be on top of their priority list when it comes to finding an SEO agency.

What is Search Engine Optimization and Why is It Important?

SEO simply refers to strategies, techniques, and tactics that can be employed to web pages or a website to increase the number of visitors to that website by obtaining a high ranking placement in search results.

This is important because your content, products and services then become more visible. Such visibility influences sales and the profits. After all, a prospect can’t buy what they don’t see.
Creating effective and long lasting SEO Strategies can be done through;

1. Local search optimization

In today’s online market landscape, a good place to start when creating effective and long lasting SEO strategies is your locale. According to Google, 50% of local searches have local intent.

If your business is based in and serving the New York population, high visibility for target keywords will allow you to influence a market beyond 15 million strong.

Irrespective of what local market you serve, there are many new local optimization techniques and refinements available to give your business an edge over the ferocious online competition.

These include but are not limited to;

  • Using structured data that enables key content on your web pages to appear in visible prominent sections of Google search results
  • Obtaining brand mentions and citations which carry great weight with Google, even without links
  • Launching a Google Plus company page that is updated, properly set up and managed

Rather than focus on outdated and ineffective methods, you should focus on the above mentioned high-value activities that keeps your SEO campaigns constantly improving in three impactful areas;

  • Generating qualified website traffic
  • Generating leads
  • Generating online revenue

2. Mobile Optimization

One of the key and significant steps in increasing your visibility in today’s online marketplace is ensuring your website and pages are fully responsive. This means that they can be accessed across all gadgets from desktops, tablets, and smart-phones.

It is important to note that mobile online users now exceeds desktop internet users and this trend is not about to die down. In fact, it is likely to increase as more and more people prefer to use the internet on their mobile phones.

As such, if your site is not compatible with handheld devices like smart phones, then you are at a great disadvantaged.


With the two above pointers, you can be sure to score huge advances in the right direction of long-term effective SEO strategy.

Consider SEO as the right marketing partner who will see to it that your business benefits from current and changing trends. Do this by advising and employing best practices that are relevant and effective today.