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Effective internet marketing creates a strong online presence for your business. This is measured in how visible your product or services are, the number of unique visitors you have, your page views, the amount of traffic from different search engines, the number of external links to your site, and the percentage of bounce and conversion rates.

These are the things we at Merlino Marketing specialize in. We help you find sales-ready leads to increase your online presence with excellent internet marketing in Bronx, NY.

What We Do

Consumers now use the internet for shopping; thus, getting into the first page of search engine results is necessary. We understand that your search engine visibility can make or break your business. Our services will help you leverage your business so your website tops the search engines. Our brand of internet marketing reaches potential customers regardless of their location. We offer expert services in the following areas:
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We improve the ranking and visibility of your web page in search engine results. Our optimization strategies will put you at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


    • Social Media Marketing – You do not have to worry about your presence in social media as we are adept with Facebook, Twitter, and other social network marketing.


    • Website Design – Customers want a visually pleasing home page that boasts intuitive navigation. Merlino Marketing creates sharp-looking websites, templates, and other online marketing tools to entice and hook your targeted customers.


    • Content Writing – Do you need quality articles to communicate your message across the internet? We produce high-quality web content for websites, blogs, and other media outlets so you can leave a lasting impression on your online visitors.


    • Link Building – Your web page will get additional views if it is linked with popular sites. Merlino Marketing will link your business in high-traffic websites to make it more visible and attract more attention.


    • Email Templates – Ranging from simple texts to display ads, we provide custom emails that will drive revenues to your website.


    • Video Marketing – Websites, such as Youtube, are high traffic websites for video streaming. You can count on us in creating a powerful video message to introduce your product on the internet


Why Hire Us?

While you may have a web team who can take on your internet marketing campaigns, we believe that you should focus more on your long-term business goals and other important aspects of your business operations. Merlino Marketing lets you save time and energy by creating an effective strategy to increase your online presence. Hiring trusted and reliable experts in internet marketing in Bronx, NY is a wise move, and here are the reasons why:
  • Internet marketing is cheaper than promoting your products via physical outlets. You will not have to worry about replenishing your products as you would when you take the traditional retail marketing route.

  • The cost of hiring outsourced personnel is cheaper than having a full-time online team in your firm.

  • You have experienced internet campaign managers to take care of your marketing strategies and campaigns.

  • Additional office furniture is not necessary since we do not occupy any space in your workplace.

  • Internet campaign marketers have specialized knowledge about SEO that most businesses lack.
Our state-of-the-art tracking and reporting tools let you monitor the progress of our online marketing campaign in real time. We have industry-specific knowledge that will help you increase sales and expand your business.

Contact Us Now!

Merlino Marketing has proven strategies and advanced tools that will help your business grow by increasing your online prominence. We reach out wherever you are and we are available 24/7. Are you ready to experience the best internet marketing in Bronx, NY? You can request for free quotation to get an estimate of our services. Send us an email or give us a call. We look forward to serving you.